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Frequent Questions and Answers

How do I select keywords?

Your search keywords define your specific topic within a larger academic field. To choose good keywords think about the words that typically appear in the articles that you read -- if you work on a particular problem, system, method, or a phenomenon, these would typically make for good keywords.

How do I get my results?

You can read your results at Highlights' website or you can receive them via your favorite RSS reader or email. Make your selection from Highlights' control panel after you log in.

Where is my password?

Once you had signed up, we had sent a random password to the email address that you provided. If our email got lost or ended up in Spam folder, you can reset your password at any time by following the "Forgot password" link from the login page.

How do I change my keywords or/and journals?

You can change your selections at any time by logging into Highlights' control panel.

What fields in new publications does Highlights search?

Highlights checks for titles, authors, and the abstract fields as provided by the publication source. Your keywords will be used to search all of these fields; this means, for example, that you can use an author's name as a keyword to be alerted about all papers of that author.

Can I exclude things from a search?

Currently no.

Can I use different keywords for different journals?

Also no, sorry, although this is a great idea I agree.

Can I be alerted about all new titles from a certain journal?

No, please consider subscribing for that journal's TOC alerts directly instead.

Who runs this service?

This service was created and is run personally by Yuriy Mishchenko, now at Amazon Alexa.