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About Science Highlights

Science Highlights is a web service to help you keep track of new publications in your academic subfield. With over 8000 journals now in the Expanded SCI and hundreds of thousands of papers published in these journals every year, staying current with your academic field has become a challenge. Science Highlights is here to help -- whether you are already checking the table of contents of important journals or you just want to start watching out for new relevant publications, our service can help you.

Why use Highlights?


Our main goal is to make the process of discovering relevant new publications as simple as possible -- if you ever had to deal with academic aggregators, then you will understand us when we will say that we believe you have better uses for your time than wrestling with thousand-character long formulas, endless logical operators, search terms, and journal names. At Highlights, setting up is as simple as choosing the area of your research interest and selecting several keywords to describe your specific topic there.


We do not constrain our mission to life sciences or medicine; whether you are an architect or a black hole astrophysicist, we will keep an eye out for the new articles relevant to you.


At Highlights we give you full control over the search: no opaque algorithms and systems - you decide what Highlights will search for, how, and where.


At Highlights, setting up is as simple as making a couple of clicks. As a result, Highlights is currently the only service that makes it practical to track hundreds of journals on dozen of topics of interest at the same time.


Highlights is a small project and is not run by any mega corporation or a government agency. The people behind Highlights are also its first hand users - we know your pains and we are here to help solve them. Should you have any suggestions, we will listen and try to put them into practice.

Where do I begin?

To sign up please visit this sign up page.